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Thursday, June 25, 2009


KISS on the hand means: FRIENDSHIP.

KISS on the nose means: YOU’RE CUTE.

KISS on the cheek means: I NEED YOU.

KISS on the neck means: I WANT YOU.

KISS on the lips means: I LOVE YOU.

Kissing with eyes closed means: I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU.

Kissing with eyes opened means: I’M WATCHING WHERE YOUR HANDS ARE GOING.

The military KISS means ..... "Keep It Simple Stupid".

Stolen Kisses ARE THE SWEETEST! (Always want to return it)

Morale of the story is ... It’s not WHO you are KISSING but WHERE you’re KISSING that matters

Other signs ................

Often thinking of you means: I CARE FOR YOU

Holding hands means: I LIKE YOU

Looking into the eyes means: DO YOU LOVE ME?

Squeezing fingertips means: I WANT A KISS

Leaning on the shoulder means: COMFORT ME

Getting occasional short hugs: I MISS YOU

Biting lips means: I AM JEALOUS

Winking at you means: I WANT TO GO WITH YOU

Playing with your hair means: I ADORE YOU

Stepping on toes means: I HATE YOU

Getting hit in "very painful places": I REALLY HATE YOU

Dreaming of you at night: YOU’RE SOMEONE SPECIAL

Always being with you means: I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU

Wearing his or her ring means: YOU’RE MINE FOREVER

Often giving you something means: CARE FOR YOU VERY MUCH

Placing hands on shoulder means: GET THE HINT STUPID!!!




Don’t use too much tongue.

Don’t mash your lips against your partner’s.

Don’t look terrified when the other person approaches you for a kiss.

Do not talk about a first kiss with the person you’re going to kiss for
the first time. This will ruin the excitement and may turn down

Don’t salivate all over your partner while kissing.

Don’t just let your partner do all the work during the kiss.

Don’t eat garlic or other harsh foods before a kiss.

Don’t remain emotionless after the kiss.

Don’t wait until the 20th date to kiss her/him.

Don’t open your mouth so wide that it feels like you are sucking the
other person in.

Don’t have the first kiss with someone in public in front of others.


Only use enough tongue to feel the other person’s tongue.

Be gentle with the first kiss.

Smile after you kiss. Or in the least laugh or giggle to show some

Swallow periodically during the kiss.

Participate in the kiss.

Make sure your breath is fresh by either brushing your teeth or
having a mint or piece of gum.

It is OK to kiss someone on the first date. And if not the first date
at least during the second.

Always make sure the first kiss is when the two of you are alone.